Anura3D 2021 problem

Dear all,

I am new to MPM.

I am replicating oedometer test analysis in Anura3D manual 2021.

But after genearating Anura3D files, i note that there are two files missing in the folder, Anura3D_2021.exe and libiomp5md.dll. But an additional file named A3DBingham.dll was created. Does anyone know why ?

If I run the batch file, It says the system can not find the path specified and paused.

Can anyone help me ?

Thank you.


ong yin hoe

Uploading: Install or update batch file.jpg…

Hi @ongyinhoe

As far as I know, users on this forum are only familiar with the CB-Geo codebase (not Anura3D), unfortunately.

I just checked, and the Anura3D website seems to be down… so I really have no idea of the best way to get into contact with someone to help with this issue. The best idea I can come up with is going to the Anura3D YouTube page, and reaching out directly to one of the presenters from the Tongji September 2021 workshop; it seems likely that people presenting at the Anura3D workshop would be able to

  • point you to the current Anura3D forum, or
  • help you directly.

I apologize this isn’t particularly helpful - good luck on solving this!