Compliation issue of geomechanics/mpm

Hi, everyone
Recently, I tried to study geomechanics, but I failed to compile in Fodera. I compile according to the document, but the compiling errors are as follows:

I can compile cb-geo in my PC but geomechanics fails. I don’t know what is the difference between these two.

hi, have you solved this problem? Indeed, I would like to know where can I download the version of MPM-XMPM. Thx

Hi @yfun0815-fan and @lizf09

geomechanics/mpm is simply a fork of CB-Geo/mpm.

This forum is for CB-Geo. I am unaware of any plans to offer support for questions related to forked repos such as geomechanics/mpm.

Thanks a lot! @jgiven100