Configure proxy settings for Firefox

Hi when I tried configuring proxy settings for Firefox, I needed to do upload following contents to proxy:

According to the information below, I need to make sure:

  1. Port 8157 is the local port number used to establish the SSH tunnel with the Jupyter server. This must match the port number you used in PuTTY or the terminal.

  2. The* pattern matches the public DNS name of clusters in AWS US Regions.

  3. The ec2.compute* pattern matches the public DNS name of clusters in all other AWS Regions.

For 1, I changed 8157 to 22, which is my current port in PuTTY;
But I am not sure for 2 and 3. I am using a public DNS: It should be a DNS name in other AWS Regions. Do I need to change something for 3 in the xml file?

Thank you!

Here is the link:, which I am using to link Jupyter Notebook to AWS.

It depends on which port Jupyter Notebook is started, you can’t just change your connection port. Putty offers port forwarding under SSH >> Tunnels, that will allow you to do port forwarding. I don’t think you would need step 3

I did use Tunnels to do port forwarding and keep the port the same for xml.file and Tunnels but it still doesn’t work. What else can cause my failure to link to the AWS server?

Check if you can telnet to the port in which Jupyter notebook is running on the server, if not there is a problem. A simple port-forward should do, you don’t need anything complicated here.