Creating boundaries for large meshes

Hey All,

I’m working with a slightly larger than normal mesh (1 million cells) and normally I’d use ParaView to define the boundaries by the following process which I have found to be reasonably efficient:

  1. Load mesh vertices as txt file into ParaView
  2. Paraview: Table to points → vertices file
  3. Paraview: Select points tool → select points on the boundary
  4. Paraview: Export selection to CSV
  5. Open CSV in sheets and copy the ID column to ASCII file for use in .json file

This system works really well because ParaView can handle very large tables with ease.

However, the limiting factor here is opening the CSV in a different place to select the vertices (nodes) id column to copy to the ASCII file - with this large mesh the column is too large to be copied easily.

Does anyone have their own workaround for this, or how do others define their boundaries for use in the .json file.



Hey @cw646 could we do the same using Python and pandas dataframes?

Ah that’s a great idea - no idea why I hadn’t thought of doing that!

I’ll give it a go a report back!