Error messages when executing ./mpmtest using docker image

After installing docker, mounting and compiling the code, the following error in the verification problems (./mpmtest).

On the other hand, the following message is observed: ‘All tests passed’.
This test was done in Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS. Why can this be happening? Thanks!

@fabricio Thanks. The results you are seeing are from running the unit test framework of mpm. Unit testing tests every function for expected results. Sometimes some functions have to be tested for failure cases. Instead of creating a segfault or other complicated issues, which might happen due to an incorrect file or parameters has to be handled safely and clearly as possible. These error messages are generated by respective functions using exception handling. In order to check if a particular error is thrown, we specify incorrect parameters and see if the error is thrown. The mpm code outputs these errors deliberately when testing an incorrect parameter. Which is why you see All tests passed although you are seeing an error message, because we expect to see an error message when I give fewer number of nodes in a cell, like the first error you see. However, if you see a Failure at the end, then we go to the error which generated it and that will help us find in which part the MPM code failed. Hope this helps.