Hostlist is empty

Hi, I followed the instruction online to run the model and it can run the day before yesterday, but can not run today. The error is as follow

TACC: Starting up job 2966594
TACC: Starting parallel tasks…
srun: error: Hostlist is empty!
TACC: MPI job exited with code: 1

TACC: Shutdown complete. Exiting.

The submission file is attached here.
submit.txt (620 Bytes)

What I did is to run the following code
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DDEAL_II_DIR=$HOME/dealii/ …
make clean && make -j
Then I move the executable file into …/ and go to …/ run “sbatch submit”

Then I get the error.

I think Stampede2 is undergoing maintenance, so I’d wait to try again after the scheduled maintenance.

Thank you very much.

Hi, Krishna, what does hostlist mean here? Thanks a lot.

Typically refers to list of available compute nodes. Are you still having this issue?

Yes, I just run the code successfully once. Ididn’t do anything then faul at the status.

Is is due to the wrong seetings for submission file?

Were you able to resolve the issue after TACC systems came back, there is no problem with the submission file.

I am reinstalling dealii on scratch and will see if it will be ok. Thanks a lot.

This issue has been solved by installing dealii into scratch.