How to do postprocessing / visualization in MPM

I have successfully installed and runned MPM code following the guidance in Fedora, and the particles HDF5 data has also been printed to screen.

I’m comfusing about how to get a visual model, for example the stress nephogram? However, the MPM guidance doesn’t give a detailed step to that. So what should I do next?

Thanks for you help!

Hey! For the visualization, we usually use vtk. Do you have installed and running?
The mpm code will output the desired vtk such as stress, strain and velocity. Of course the coordinates of each material points are also stored.

We like to use paraview to view those vtk (or rather vtp) files produced by the code.
Note that you need to use point gaussian in paraview to really visualize the material points.

Hope this helps

Thank you so much! That helped me a lot. I will try it immediately!