How to do preprocessing/making the input files?

I’m a beginner of MPM and I have studied a few examples. Recently I want to start my own model. But I’m quite confused about the creation of the input files, i.e., mesh file, particle file and entity_set file. Should I need to type them by myself? Do you have any recommendation of preprocessing?

Hi @yfun0815-fan

You can use py-cbg to generate the input files. Welcome to pycbg’s documentation! — pycbg documentation

The code is available: mpm-at-recover / pycbg · GitLab

Thanks, I think it’s really helpful. I will have a try.

Hi @kks32 ,I have tried pycbg. I noticed that mesh is generated by gmsh. I can run the example but I don’t know how to make complex mesh. Can I create mesh in gmsh or other software and import it into pycbg and generate practicles?

Yes, you can generate in gmsh and use the cb-geo mpm to directly generate the points as well.

Thanks for your help @kks32 . Now I know how to do!