Issues with input file for uniaxial compression test and MPI compiler

I am trying to run a uniaxial test on the CB-GEO MPM and all setting of the model refers to the User documentation. However, the results of strain are not agree with the results given by User documentation. I can not figure out what was wrong with my input file.
Part of the results are shown as following, and the input files and out files are attached.
Thank you very much (1.5 KB) (136.9 KB)

Hi @Tong-SJ

I had a look at the input files, it seems to have boundary friction and damping values specified, which is probably why it is acting up.

Could you try the input file here:

We had a recent update that changes the input file format, so please use the latest version of the code along with these input files. Let us know how you get along!

Thank you very much for your help!
I have run the latest version of the code along with your input files, and got the expented results.

When I compiled the latest code in Fedora, I get back this error message:
it doesn’t affect the executable program, but it seems that the test file misses declaration of that variable.

the meaning of “‘MPI_COMM_WORLD’在此作用域中尚未声明” is that ‘MPI_COMM_WORLD’ is not declared in this scope.

Hi @Tong-SJ
Glad to know the code gave expected results. Do you know if you have MPI installed and which version is that?

The mpm code can run without MPI on a sigle node, which is why it works. If you are running on a single node, you can ignore the need for MPI.

I upload a picture of MPI version.
There are multiple MPIs, and should I match a specified MPI with the MPM program?

Could you please try this command which mpicxx

I find where the problem locates.

Thank you!