Issues with running Unit tests in branch `develop`

Recently, I have been trying to compile the code with the unit tests, but some of these tests are failing when I run them. The code compiles just fine. I have compiled the code (develop branch) using:

cmake -GNinja -DNO_KAHIP=True -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mpicxx -DHALO_EXCHANGE=Off -DPARTIO_ROOT=~/workspace/partio/ .. && ninja -j8

Then, I run the command ./mpmtest to run the unit test and it fails with a SEGFAULT error in the and files. Suspecting it could be a parallelization issue, I then tried to run it using MPI with the following command: mpirun -n 4 ./mpmtest but I am still getting many errors (see additional images). Since I am using the develop branch, these running attempts were done without making any changes to the code. Still, I cannot get around the failed tests. Has anyone encountered such issues? Am I running mpmtest in the wrong way?

Running ./mpmtest [mesh]:

Running mpirun -n 4 ./mpmtest [mesh]:

Try running mpirun -n 4 ./mpmtest [mpi], which will only run [mpi] part of the code and test those.

I tried running mpirun -n 4 ./mpmtest [mpi] and the tests still failed. The file that failed wash ./tests/ I have attached a txt file with the entire output. The compilation and cmake command that I ran were still as stated in the opening comment of this issue.
mpi-test-out.txt (7.8 KB)