MPI domain decomposition error

I got an error when running a simulation with multiple nodes (2 nodes and 4 MPI tasks per node) on TACC. The error is happening at the exact first output step (10,000 = output step) after the simulation starts. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

Could you please share your input JSON file?

I uploaded the file in the .txt format because discourse won’t allow it to be uploaded as .json. The input file is as follows:

mpm-quad2.txt (2.2 KB)

Could you change either the output steps or the load balance steps to not match and see if it fails in domain decomposition or output writing stage.

"nload_balance_steps": 20000,

@thiagordonho the couldn’t find key is a robinhood map error. We are unable to find a particle or a node, I think.