MPM cannot run if MKL is found in Ubuntu 20.04

I found a problem with running the CB-Geo MPM code when the intel MKL library is found. Recently, I installed intel Parallel Studio XE 2020 to gain the capability of using some MKL solvers in my Linux Ubuntu 20.04 machine. The compilation works okay.

If MKL is found installed in the system, mpmtest cant run, neither any problem type in my PC.

There are multiple errors observed while running mpmtest in GDB with FullDebug mode. The following are the screenshots of those errors:

My guess is that the following lines in CMakeLists cause a linking problem, most likely the link_libraries(iomp5) below:


The test and everything works again if I comment out those lines. Intel MKL needs iomp5 to compile, so we cannot just comment out the iomp5.

Does this issue happen on the develop branch?

Have you tried mpmtest with different number of OMP_SET_NUMTHREADS?

Yes, I tested using develop. For OMP_NUM_THREADS=1 the tests are working, but not more than that.

Seems like the MKL package was added to develop 7 months ago, so what has changed?

Nothing changed. It can be compiled successfully. Which version of MKL you are using?

icc (ICC) 20191121
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I’m unable to reproduce the issue with: icc (ICC) 20200623. Which version of Intel compilers are you using. Could you also add the output of your CMake command?

Unfortunately, I uninstalled it already @kks32, so I cant provide you with the CMake output. I installed the default version of the Intel Parallel Studio XE specified here (