Hi, I have installed the metis but the code still cannot run. It said you have invoked an unsupported MPI job launch command. Please see the screenshot. Thanks a lot.

I compiled the code in build repo then I move the execute to the upper repo which is thm repo. Then, wirte the submission file in thm repo and submit through thm repo.

module load impi-largemem
export CC=icc
export CXX=icpc

# Compile PETSc 3.13
tar -xvzf petsc-3.13.3.tar.gz
cd petsc-3.13.3/
export PETSC_ARCH=clx
export PETSC_DIR=$HOME/petsc-3.13.3
./config/ --with-shared=1 --with-x=0 --with-mpi=1 --with-debugging=0
make PETSC_DIR=$HOME/petsc-3.13.3 PETSC_ARCH=clx all -j4
make PETSC_DIR=$HOME/petsc-3.13.3 PETSC_ARCH=clx check -j4

cd $HOME
wget && \
    tar -xf metis-5.1.0.tar.gz && \
    cd metis-5.1.0/ && \
    make config shared=1 cc=icc cxx=icpc prefix=$HOME/metis && \
    make install -j4 && cd ..

# Load module boost
module load boost

# Clone and compile dealii
cd $HOME
git clone --depth=1 dealii-src
cd dealii-src/ && mkdir build &&  cd build
make install -j4

# Clone THM
git clone
cd thm
git checkout thm_seg_parallel
mkdir build && cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DDEAL_II_DIR=$HOME/dealii/ ..
make -j

Is the process to compile.

Yes, I followed the instruction. The only difference is that I install METIS after I install DEALII because I have installed dealii when we found we lack METIS. Should i remove dealii and install it again?

Do you still have problem after following these steps? You need to recompile dealii with METIS. Including these extra flags:


Also, what modules are loaded in your system. Could you post the result of module list

Oh, I see. I need to active the METIS. Thank you very much.