Std:bad_alloc error running LEM on AWS EC2

Hi when trying running the medium notch case, we got the following information:image
I searched the Internet and found it seems that our memory is out of use:

Can you help us with this problem?
Thank you!

What EC2 instance are you running the LEM code on? Have you tried running it on a bigger EC2 instance, if you are running out of memory?

OK! I run on the EC2 instance with the volume of 500 GiB. Is 500 GiB not enough for running the code in medium? Should we construct a new EC2 instance with a larger volume? I am not sure if I want to construct a bigger EC2 instance, should I change other things except for volume?

Volume is Harddisk space, you need more memory. Try c5.4xlarge which has 32GB of RAM (memory).

Currently I am using 32GB of RAM, which seems still not enough for the medium case. Can we change to bigger memory instance?

Yes, try a 72GB instance.