The cost per timestep after resuming increases

On the branch refactor/resume, the cost per timestep after resuming increases. I test for several cases, it happened when multi-tasks per node are used. The following is the time per timestep for my case. The more nodes, the more serious.

node 1 2 4
tasks per node 1 2 1 2 1 2
time per timestep (s) 7.537 4.150 4.252 2.261 1.660
time per timestep of resume (s) 7.554 4.618 4.088 3.429 3.418

@yliang-sn Does this happen for any problem? Do you have a simple problem we can use to test?

I tested with another simple case. It didn’t happen. But it occurs in my OSO case. Do you have any other large-scale case to test the issue?

@yliang-sn has this issue been resolved on TACC skylake nodes? Then we can close the issue.